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National Legal Aid Clinic for Women (NLACW) offers legal advice, legal assistance, internal/ in-house mediation (dispute resolution) and court annex mediation (dispute resolution) to vulnerable women and children on a pro bono basis. The organisation employs full time lawyers and also works with volunteer legal practitioners.
An NGO organisation that provides legal services to women and children
Commitment to ensuring fair outcomes
Over 30 years’ experience
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Legal & Human Rights Education

This is done by engaging communities, sensitising members such as chiefs, host community workshops, school workshops and more. National Legal Aid Clinic for Women’s (NLACW) goal is to help people understand human rights, value human rights, and take responsibility for respecting, defending, and promoting human rights.
Education to help people understand human rights
Maximizing access to information for the most disadvantaged women
Organisation provides community legal education workshops across Zambia
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Legal & Human Rights Education - 3


National Legal Aid Clinic for Women (NLACW) works with policy makers to assist with policy reforms. This is done through development of policy briefs, written submissions to parliament and lobbying. NLACW’s goal is to advocate for policies that contribute to counter discrimination against women and to guarantee equal and fair treatment of women.
Organisation advocates for policies that counter discrimination against women
Ensuring gender equality and women’s rights are strengthened in Zambia
Believes the advancement of women and the achievement of equality are matters of fundamental human rights
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